Outdoor heating cable

BVF SX Series

By using the outdoor heating cable, all types of pavement can be snow and ice free. Its installation does not require a special electrical network.

  • Fast ice melting
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Low operating costs
  • 10 year warranty
BVF SX outdoor heating cable
SX Concrete pavement

For concrete pavement
(max. 80mm)

SX Asphalt pavement

For asphalt pavement
(max. 50mm)

SX paving stone

For paving stone
(max. 80mm)

SX ceramic tiles

For outdoor ceramic tiles
(max. 50mm)

BVF SX Series - Heating cable

Our high performance outdoor heating cables provide fast and comfortable snow and ice melting even under extreme weather conditions, on all kinds of pavement. When properly sized, 5-10 minute operation time is enough to heat up above the freezing point. With controls for outdoor heating cables both the operating costs and the real operating time is minimal. Factory-mounted sizes are available and can be customised with proper spacing for the particular application and pavement.

BVF SX outdoor heating cable
BVF SX series


Standard supply voltage

10 Years



Ready-mounted dimensions


Cable thickness




Heated area

Snow melting of


~ 0 W
The power to be supplied by the heating system as a maximum and at the same time. The indicated value is understood when all heating circuits are operated simultaneously.
~ 0 A
The indicated value is the simultaneous maximum current consumption of the heating system if all heating circuits (room) operate simultaneously. This information may be relevant to possible network expansion.
Cable distance
~ 0 cm
Cable distance

The values calculated by the online designer are indicative. The results obtained are not considered as professional energy calculations and / or quotation.


Outdoor heating cable

Order of layers for heating cable

The BVF WFD Series twin-core heating cables have a wiring point only on one side. No complicated preliminary planning is required. The heating cable can be securely fastened to a factory equipped installation rail or to the concrete rebar mesh used to form a concrete floor. It does not require a special order of layers for installation. For the most economical operation, insulation complying with the standards in force should be used.

The required heating performance per square meter can be adjusted by the spacing of the heating cables. The spacing distance depends on the heating energy demand and the thickness of the base concrete.

Sustainable operation

Despite the relatively large built-in performance, the operating costs of outdoor heaters are negligible. The reason is that the pavement is not heated, just the surface temperature is warmed up above the freezing point. In addition, the BVF outdoor thermostats switch on the system only if there is moisture present besides the frost hazard.


The BVF SX outdoor heating cable does not require maintenance or warranty reviews. They withstand point loads caused by a larger vehicle on the pavement. Thanks to their multiple electrical isolation, the operation is safe even in a constantly humid environment. The expected lifetime is 40 to 50 years, due to the twin-core design of the BVF heating cables.

Ground sensor

Cold pavement does not slip, frozen pavement, however, does. The most important element of outdoor pavement heating is the built-in ground sensor, which measures the temperature of the pavement and the presence of moisture, snow or ice. The heating system only switches on when the temperature of the pavement (not the air) is close to 0°C and there is something to melt.

10 year warranty

Performing the installation by the BVF specialists is not a condition of the warranty. By completing the appropriate and standard measurements, any qualified electrician can install and commission the heating cable system.

Technical data

  • Performance:
  • Sizes:
    23 – 122m (see the price list)
  • Cable type:
    Double-insulated, grounded
  • Thickness:
  • Heating cable insulation:
  • Cold lead: