Established 1990, Made and developed in Korea

High quality products and systems from the home of Samsung and LG with nearly three decades of experience. The goal of our company and satisfied users is the same worldwide. It is in our common interest to develop energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems. The management of BVF-CALEO Group has a clear aim, to bring warmth to our homes by creating environmentally sound and healthy heating systems.
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We create heating systems

The experts and engineers of BVF-CALEO investigate the relationship between the energy parameters of the building and the elements of the heating system, not just selling our products, but rather creating systems. In our European showroom, you can get unique and extensive information on the operation, design and expected costs of our heating systems and experience the benefits of these during operation. In addition, we are happy to answer questions about building energy during renovation or construction, and to scale the performance of any solar system that may be needed.

Our design and construction teams are trained to the highest standards, and work to short deadlines for all our customers from design to execution.

Useful innovation

Our company has recognised and supports the long-term potential of renewable energy. When designing our heating systems and products, we take these into consideration, with the aim of spreading environmentally friendly and energy-independent heating systems. Our heating controls, allows a higher comfort and increased energy savings than ever before.

Our goal is to provide our customers and partners with the highest level of technology and quality.

Environment and sustainability

The standards for buildings mean that technology is constantly changing and developing. Innovation also takes place in heating technology for the sake of future sustainability, the lower the energy consumption with lower costs the lower the environmental load. Build consciously and break with traditional environmental pollution solutions. The use of renewable energy sources and the decoupling of energy prices are our common goals worldwide.

BVF-CALEO systems and products can be combined with renewable energy sources.

Quality and certificates

Why is the warranty period for BVF-CALEO products 8 years longer compared to other manufacturers?

Our products meet the highest quality standards. The manufacturing plants operate under the highest quality control in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard and use the latest materials. Our high quality products have all the necessary EU certificates.